Frack-a-mole is a shareable game developed at a pre-election hack day organised by to raise awareness of the potential effects of fracking in the UK.

Pre-election hack days

The aim of the Hackchange days is for people to be able to add their voice to political debate. Participants felt that either the topics they were interested in weren’t sufficiently far up the political agenda (climate change and the environment, foreign aid and the arms trade), or the mainstream media narrative created a narrative that they didn’t support or felt was inaccurate (the NHS, immigration.)

We wanted to create something that communicated useful, accurate information in a shareable way, focusing on humour and interactivity.

The Frack-a-mole game

We developed Frack-a-mole as a quick shareable game. As a player, you help George Osborne to squash dissent by splatting pesky protestors that keep popping up. We deliberately created it as a game that can never be won.

Completing the game takes you to a page with further information on the environmental, social and financial costs of fracking.

Screenshots form the game Frack-a-mole

Social media

We created a series of tweets and in-stream graphics to promote the game on social media.

The project was very ambitious for the time available, but a lot of hard work and copious amounts of pizza ensured a viable completed product.

Please contact me if you have any feedback, questions or requests. Please do get in touch if you think we could do some great work together, I love to hear from people working on interesting projects. My email address is val [at] and my phone number is +44 7980 866 283.

Project management Katie Welford
Development Laurence Watson, James Rees
Illustration & design Val Kildea
Copywriting Katie Welford, Oliver Hayes
Promotion Huw Jordan
Frack-a-mole Launch tweets


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