Imperial Horizons: Visual Identity

Imperial Horizons is a course programme designed to broaden students’ education and increase their professional skills.

Since designing the visual identity for Horizons in 2011 the programme has been very successful and has been extended to every undergraduate year.

The programme is divided into four streams which have their own icon and colour within the visual identity.

Imperial Horizons booklet design

Evolving the visual identity

We wanted to make it easier for students to plan the courses they would take throughout their studies, and highlight when access to the courses was limited. (For example, the Business & Professional Skills stream is only open to first years, and you cannot start learning a language at beginner level after year two.) For the 2015/2016 academic year, we created a comprehensive booklet showing the courses for all undergraduates years, and explaining in depth the language levels available.

Post-graduates are often interested in Horizons courses; we have made it more immediately clear that the courses are only open to undergraduates.

We retained the wordmark, icons and pattern elements of the identity, but updated them with the new Imperial colour palette, introduced in 2015.

Imperial Horizons visual identity
Spread from Imperial Horizons course guide

The refreshed visual identity is also used in the Horizons section of the Imperial College guide to Languages at Imperial.

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