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Recently I have been working on various aspects of the marketing and communications of co-curricular courses across Imperial College London.

Guide for Language courses

Students, staff and the public have a range of opportunities to study languages at Imperial College London. The College found that students weren’t aware of the full range of courses open to them, and had to search to find out which course would be most suitable.

The College wanted to produce a booklet which coherently described all the options in a concise and inviting way. To show clearly the range of options and provide a simple way of finding the most suitable course type, we developed a flow chart. This acted as cover illustration for the languages booklet, and as a stand alone graphic which could be shared more widely.

Imperial Language courses flowchart
Imperial Language courses booklet

Marketing materials

There was a need for publicity materials for some of the individual course streams. These needed to have a distinctive graphic style without being seen as a sub-brand of Imperial College London. All the materials had to adhere to the overall brand guidelines of Imperial College.

Degrees with a Language for Science are offered at Imperial, but students were more confident transferring to these courses when they were already enrolled. We developed an eye-catching flyer promoting the courses, and the benefits of studying a language as an integral part of a Science degree, to existing students.

Languages for Science flyer
Languages for Science flyer

Imperial Horizons visual identity

The visual identity we had developed for Imperial Horizons was evolved and brought in line with the university’s new colour palette.

Spread from Imperial Horizons course guide

You find out more about my work for Imperial Horizons here.

Icon set for Imperial Evening classes

Imperial College London has a diverse range of evening classes, including language courses which are open to the public, staff and students. We created a bespoke icon set and method of connecting them that reflected the variety of topics that can be studied. The immediate need was for something that could be used within the languages booklet, but it was tested in other formats to ensure it could be used more widely.

We created complementary colour palettes to highlight that there were two different programmes of evening classes. The main programme runs over two terms and the intensive courses run over just the Summer Term.

Poster proposal for Imperial Horizons evening class winter programme
Poster proposal for Imperial Horizons evening class summer programme

Please contact me if you have any feedback, questions or requests. Please do get in touch if you think we could do some great work together, I love to hear from people working on interesting projects. My email address is val [at] and my phone number is +44 7980 866 283.

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