Kayaking London: Rebrand

This project is an on-going rebrand of Kayaking London. Their existing logo was reset and the letterforms customised. We developed a colour-led identity with strong typography. Bold colours identified the different trips and courses run by the centre, and reflected the energy and enthusiasm of the people working there.

Front of the plan and information for paddlers taking the Big Ben & Back Tour with safety advice and the basics of kayaking
Reverse of the trip plan for paddlers taking the Big Ben & Back Tour showing local history and a map of the Thames
Kayaking London Discover London Trip planner thumbnail
Reverse of the Discover London trip planner

Illustrated maps

The trip planners give an insight into the history of the Thames and the rivers that flow into it, with a bespoke map showing the landmarks and waterways along the trip routes.

Example discount voucher for Kayaking London's beginners' course

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Technical illustrations by Olaf Luingren.


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