National Award Scheme Branding

The Local Council Award Scheme exists to support local councils to effectively serve their communities and to highlight the successes of the very best local councils.

The design for the award scheme needed to be fresh distinctive, inspiring councils to join the scheme and be proud of the recognition of their successes that each award level brings.

We used vibrant colours and clean typography to convey the energy and innovation we wanted local councils to bring to the scheme.

Award scheme manual

It is important that it easy for councils to understand the criteria for each award, and how they will be assessed. The distinctive colours for each level make the document appealing and easy to navigate, and provide contrast for the clean table structures used to organise the award criteria.

Manual pages showing the Award criteria for the Foundation level.
TA spread from the Quality Award pages of the guidance manual for the National Local Council Award Scheme
Spread from the Local Council Award Scheme manual, showing the Quality Gold criteria

Certificate design

The award scheme certificates needed to be beautiful objects that the local councils would be proud to display. The use of patterning creates a sense of prestige without being stuffy. They were created as editable forms that the awarding body, the National Association of Local Councils, could complete as the councils passed the assessments.

Local Council Award certificate template design featuring bold colours and geometric patterns.

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